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International Kettlebell Lifting Federation

Kettlebell Instructor Education and Certification Program

BOLT Method Fitness - Kettlebell Instructor Course

The BOLT Method Fitness course last 14 hours. During this time the candidates study the lifting techniques involved in the teaching of BOLT Method Fitness, BMF Programs application and safety.
After becoming a BOLT Method Fitness certified teacher the instructor can run a successful fitness class program, assist both groups and individuals with their fitness goals. 

BOLT Method Fitness produces the following effects after just weeks of consistent training:
  • Greater stamina
  • Greater structural strength
  • Greater muscular strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved mental focus and mood. 

BOLT Method Fitness - Kettlebell Instructor Course Timeline:

Two day course.

14 hours total class time.

Time Table

Day One:

Starting at 7:00 AM

  • Intro
  • Practical test. Test for Rank 6.
  • BMF techniques course:
    • Fundamentals
    • Jerk family
    • Swing family
    • Clean family
    • Snatch family
    • Coach Rithner windmills series

Ends at 3:00 PM

Day two:

Starting at 7:00 AM

  • BMF techniques and program teaching
  • 1 PM. Seminar ends. Testing starts
  • Test
    • Technique proficiency
    • Written test

Ends at 3:00 PM


    BOLT Method Fitness Certification Exam

    To become certified as an IKLF BOLT Method Fitness Instructor the candidate must successfully complete the following tests.

    Fitness Test

    Reach Rank 6 in any of the 6 BOLT competition lifts at the beginning of the course. 100% success required.


    Technique Test

    Demonstrate BOLT lifts families according to IKLF standards. 80% success or greater required.

    Demonstrate proficiency on the following skills:

    1. Jerk Family. Mechanics and Positions
    2. Swing Family. Mechanics and Positions
    3. Clean Family. Mechanics and Positions
    4. Snatch Family. Mechanics and Positions

    Written Test

    Demonstrate understanding of the BOLT system and methodology through a written exam. 80% success or greater required.

    This test is based on the standards provided in the manual and workbook.


    Upcoming IKLF Kettlebell Instructor Certification Courses and Test Days

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